Cyber Forensics

Throughout our daily life questionable personal security and individual adoptions lead to cybersecurity risks and unnecessary expenses for business units and the entire organization. The absence of formulating a cyber security plan in advance exposes the organization and its components to unnecessary cybersecurity risks due to lack of visibility over network and application internal structure, therefore, are unable to identify the extent of existing vulnerabilities associated with their environment.
The U.S. economic vitality and national security depends on our ability to identify the anomaly detection, figuring out what’s real and what’s not. In our cyberspace we expect a safe, dependable, buoyant environment. Although technology alone is not enough to combat security threats, at VNC we combine professional knowledge with technology to provide threat intellegence, network visibility and protection, endpoint defense and email security.
Forensics is a technique that is valuable in the event detrimental or illegal activity is suspected, the questionable material can be examined in a manner that categorically does not alter the stored data which ultimately can become vital evidence in ensuing legal proceedings or disciplinary actions. VNC strategy provides the framework to not only execute cybersecurity requirements in addition to managing the electronic discovery technique to determine and reveal technical criminal evidence.

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