Disaster Recovery

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Disaster Recovery

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Operational Resiliency

VNC Systems understands your need for operational resiliency. Virtualization enables the restoration of systems as well as disaster recovery and continuity of operations. It also groups and re-groups images; test recovery plans, and makes changes in a granular way, without impacting the production environment. VNC Systems will work with its customers to develop the right blend of technologies to support the recovery time and recovery point objectives of your environment. The benefits of a virtual environment also extend to Disaster Recovery (DR)/Continuity of Operations (COOP) by making it easier to achieve rigorous disaster recovery objectives.

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Disaster Recovery /COOP Services:

Rapid Recovery with Automated Failover

Disaster Recovery Planning

Recovery with Secondary Site Flexibility

Centralized and Automated Recovery

Storage-Based Replication

Reliable Recovery with Non-Disruptive Testing and Automation of Recovery Plans