Incident Response

The agreed government definition of cybersecurity incidents is as being state-sponsored attacks on critical national infrastructure or defense capabilities. Cybersecurity incidents can devastate an organization and governing bodies. Security incidents, such as advanced persistent threats (APTs) are carefully chosen and studied, typically targeting large private firms or government networks. The consequences of such intrusions are enormous, and consist of theft of intellectual property, compromised sensitive information, sabotage, and hostile takeover. Behaviors to respond to these attacks in an expedient, effective and comprehensive manner should be actively developed in every private organization and government bodies.
Notwithstanding the present level of threat from cybersecurity incidents, IT teams responsible for preparing for, responding to and following up cybersecurity incidents face significant challenges. Amongst those challenges include persuading senior management to take cybersecurity seriously and develop a budget to resist and protect. Unpleasantly, it naturally takes a critical security incident to change hearts and minds.
VNC offers to significantly aid and support organizations to handle cybersecurity incidents in a more effective and appropriate means – predominantly serious cybersecurity attacks. The foremost benefits include understanding state readiness to respond to cybersecurity incidents and carful technical investigation into environmental symptoms of an attack or potential threat. VNC’s certified cybersecurity professionals follow a rigorous Security Incident Cycle Flow of plan, resist, detect, and respond. Your organizations ability to steer the security incident cycle is critical to the success of your data protection efforts.

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